Experts warn against the dangers of sugar addiction, as some children need all their teeth extracted

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Dental experts have issued another warning over the impact of the nation’s sugar addiction, as figures reveal that 75,000 children had teeth extracted last year.

Dentists all over the country have reported an increase in rates of decay, with some children suffering from such severe decay that they need all their teeth removing. In the last five years, 322 children under the age of 10 have had all their teeth extracted in hospital. Last year alone, there was a 54% increase in the number of young children requiring dental clearance.

Dr Max Davie, a paediatrician, explained that the main cause of decay among children is diet, with many children consuming far more than the recommended daily intake of sugar on a regular basis. The situation is already alarming, and Dr Davie warned that it is going to continue to worsen if something isn’t done urgently to improve eating habits and lower sugar intake.

Experts claim that decay is now an epidemic, which is costing the NHS around £50 million per year. In the vast majority of cases, decay can be prevented by means of a healthy diet and a good daily oral hygiene regime.

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