East Yorkshire man travels to Turkey for dental treatment after failing to find a local dentist

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A man from East Yorkshire has travelled to Turkey for dental treatment after failing to find a dental practice near his home.

David Moore, from Bridlington, was due to have treatment for a broken tooth, but the practice he used to attend shut. After trying to contact other practices within 30 miles of his home and struggling to make an appointment, he decided to go to Turkey to see a dentist.

Mr Moore said that his flight to Antalya was full of people who were going to Turkey for medical or dental treatment. He estimated that up to 90% of passengers were health tourists looking to take advantage of cheaper prices.

When he got to Turkey, Mr Moore had the damaged tooth repaired and two new dental implants fitted. Including the treatment, the flight and a hotel for his stay, the total cost of the trip came to £2,000. He paid roughly the same amount for a single implant in the UK around nine years ago and said that the fee was a ‘fraction’ of the price quoted by dentists at home.

Dental tourism is booming, with Turkey one of the most popular destinations for UK travellers. Prices are up to 70% lower than in the UK and there are usually no waiting lists. Despite the heavily discounted prices and modern clinics, which are alluring to tourists, there are risks associated with travelling overseas for dental and medical treatment.

Chair of the British Dental Association, Eddie Crouch, warned that dentists across the country have experienced a sharp increase in the number of patients requiring extensive repairs and remedial work after undergoing treatment in countries like Turkey. Standards may vary in terms of training and qualifications and many people are having treatment, which appears to be different from the plan they signed up for. This is often the case with patients who have full sets of crowns, which are often fused together.

Some people who have returned from Turkey and other countries have been quoted over £20,000 to fix damaged teeth and gums due to substandard treatment.

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