Dog Owners Encouraged To Clean Pet’s Teeth Everyday

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Most of us are aware that we need to brush our teeth twice a day to enjoy good oral health, but have you thought about brushing your dog’s teeth?

Studies show that the majority of dogs have signs of gum disease, yet most pet owners do not clean their dog’s teeth on a regular basis. Gum disease prevents dogs from being able to chew their food and eat properly and it also causes them pain; gum disease is also linked to systemic health problems.

The staff team at White Cross Vets at Northampton’s Weston Favell shopping centre, are encouraging dog owners to brush their dog’s teeth every day as part of a drive to boost oral health and keep gum disease at bay. Michael Lander, clinic director, said that many pet owners are unaware of the importance of oral hygiene for their pets and this is contributing to high rates of gum disease and oral infections.

Mr Lander said that vets have got an important role to play in educating dog owners about oral hygiene and encouraging them to bring their pets for regular oral health checks.

It is also very important that owners learn about the tell-tale signs of gum disease and oral health problems so that their dog can get treatment as quickly as possible; these include swollen and sore gums, which may cause dogs to lose interest in eating and yelp when they are chewing and bleeding from the gums.

White Cross is currently offering dental treatment at half the regular price; this offer will run throughout October.

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