Derbyshire dentist supports calls for schools to go sugar-free

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A Derbyshire dentist is lending his support to rallying calls from the Faculty of Dental Surgery. The FDS recently urged the government to encourage schools to go sugar-free in a bid to reduce the number of children suffering from tooth decay.

Matthew Lamb, from Glendair Dental Practice in Alfreton, said that he and his team see children with cavities in their teeth on a daily basis. In most cases, decay is linked to sugar consumption, with research suggesting that the majority of children consume far more sugar than is required or recommended. Decay is becoming increasingly common, and dentists at the practice are eager to promote prevention. Almost all cases of childhood decay could be prevented, yet the latest statistics cited by the FDS suggest that more than 100,000 children under 10 have been admitted to hospital for dental treatment over the course of the last 3 years. 

Mr Lamb supports the call by the FDS for schools to become sugar-free zones, but he insisted that there must be a collaborative approach, which involves parents adopting a similar attitude at home. Education, Mr Lamb believes, holds the key to improving dental hygiene and healthy eating habits, and to ensuring that children visit their dentist on a regular basis. 

Glendair Dental Practice advises parents to limit snacking, to reduce daily sugar intake by exploring sugar-free alternatives, and to supervise twice-daily brushing.

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