Dentists urge shoppers to be wary of home whitening kits

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Dentists are urging online shoppers to be wary of home tooth whitening kits. 

Tooth whitening has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growth of social media networks and many celebrities sporting a bright white smile. As the demand for treatment increases, more and more people are looking for ways to get a brighter smile without breaking the bank. While professional treatments are the safest and most effective solution, DIY kits have become extremely popular. 

A survey conducted by market research firm, Mintel, revealed that over a third of participants had thought about whitening their teeth. Of those who had considered or were undergoing treatment, over 50% were using a home whitening kit at least once a day. 

Some DIY kits are safe to use, but there are concerns among dental professionals about the contents of some products and their efficacy. There is little evidence to suggest that some of the treatments work, and products that contain more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide can be harmful for the teeth and gums. According to the British Dental Association, products that have a higher concentration should only be provided or administered by registered, experienced dental professionals. Using products incorrectly can cause damage to the enamel and burn the gums. 

In light of the popularity of home kits and whitening trends on social media, dentists are urging anyone who does want to enjoy a whiter, lighter smile to undergo professional treatment. Dentist-approved treatments provide incredible results in a safe setting.

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