Dentists protest against new regulation

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Dentists are protesting against a new regulation, which they feel is unnecessary and a waste of time.

Hundreds of dentists have written to The Telegraph to protest against the new regulation, which requires them to register with the Care Quality Commission by 2011; GPs and hospitals must also register with CQC.

The regulation has been introduced to ensure that facilities are well maintained and assure high standards of patient care; registration also indicates that health professionals recognise that they are accountable for the work they carry out.

For the last 50 years the General Dental Council has been responsible for monitoring standards of care and cleanliness in the UK and many dentists feel that the system is working well and therefore does not require changing. More than 350 dentists have signed a letter sent to The Telegraph newspaper saying that the new regulation is “duplicatory and wasteful.”

According to disgruntled dentists, the new system will be time-consuming for both dental professionals and government officials. The letter suggested that the coalition government scrapped the regulation, especially in light of announcements regarding the need to save money. Dentists believe the new system will cost money, which could be spent on frontline services.

Just last week, the British Dental Association claimed that bureaucracy was making morale low amongst dentists in the UK, as the excessive amounts of administration are taking them away from the job they are qualified to do, which is caring for patients. The new CQC registration will involve yet more administration and John Milne from the BDA said this is a further setback for dentists.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health said the plans for CQC registration were made and approved by the previous government; at the time, they were supported by the majority of people who responded to the notion and both the BDA and the GDC backed the scheme. The spokesperson also said that the coalition government was keen to cut down on red tape and protect frontline services. At present, the GDC only monitors individual dentists; the new system would monitor individuals and companies providing health services.

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