Dentists from Taiwan Complete Prison Mission

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Two Taiwanese dentists have visited a prison in Thailand to provide much-needed dental care for Taiwanese prisoners.

Huang Chun-feng and Yang Chung-ho visited the Klongprem Central Prison in Bangkok to treat Taiwanese prisoners and offer them emotional and spiritual support. This was the fifth mission for the dental duo.

During their time at the prison, the dentist treated more than 30 prisoners providing cleaning treatments, fillings, tooth extractions and even root canal treatment.

One of the inmates helped by the dentists said that it was very difficult for Taiwanese prisoners to get dental treatment because of language problems and a lack of health and dental insurance.

Huang said that the time they spend with the inmates is very important as it enables them to feel support from their home country, as well as enabling them to receive the dental treatment they need. Over the past five years, Huang said that he was been swamped by thank you cards and messages and he is eager to continue the annual trips to the prison. More than 170 Taiwanese people are currently serving time in Thai prisons.

The medical and dental missions are made possible by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand.



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