Dentist to Use Hypnosis to Treat Patients.

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An eighth of the population have a phobia of the dentist chair and one dentist is hoping to put an end to this through the practice of hypnosis.
The Lubiju practice, in Scotland, is said to be one of the first in the UK to try the method, though dentistry hypnosis is very common in the US.
Hypnosis will be used by the Scottish dentistry in order to help reluctant patients overcome their dentist fears and receive treatment, it has already been a success for many slimmers and smokers who have sought hypnotic treatment to overcome their problems.
Mr Davies, the hypnotherapist working in the Lubiju dentistry, said: “It is estimated that 12 per cent of people in the UK have such a fear of dentists they refuse to go under any circumstances – that’s around seven million people putting up with painful and problem teeth.”
The dentist surgery also boasts a relaxation area that offers nervous patient a massage, flat screen televisions are also found in the surgery room to allow patients the opportunity to watch TV or a DVD during treatment.
One doctor believes that patients are unaware that painless treatments do exist and that not every visit to the dentist will be a pain wrenching experience.
Dr Krishnan said: “We can effectively repair damage to teeth without the need for any injections, drilling or the use of any sharp implements.
“It is our real hope that as people become aware of these pain-free alternatives, patient demand for these treatments will increase.”
The surgery hope that the new therapy will go some way to decreasing the large number of the population that fear the dentist chair.
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