Dentist Issue Warning Over Fruit Drinks

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Dentists have warned that some fruit drinks are as acidic as vinegar, meaning that well-meaning parents who are trying to give their children healthy drinks could be putting their oral health at risk.

Fruit drinks and smoothies are designed to provide children with one or more portions of their 5-a-day and many parents believe that they are a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks and squash. However, dentists have warned that many of these drinks contain a large amount of sugar and are very acidic, which is a dangerous combination for the teeth.

When you eat or drink sugary or acidic foods, bacteria in the mouth produce harmful plaque acids, which attack the protective enamel surfaces of the teeth, weakening the tooth and increasing the risk of acid erosion and decay.

Research revealed that some popular drinks, including Coke and Innocent’s This Water with Lemons, were more acidic than vinegar.

Dentists have urged parents to encourage their children to drink sugar-free juice drinks, milk or water to protect their teeth. Water is also beneficial for hydration and helps to reduce the risk of obesity, which is becoming increasingly prevalent among young children and is largely due to the increase in consumption of fast food, fizzy drinks and foods that are processed or full of sugar.

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