Dentist Holds Treatment Fundraiser For Girl With Leukemia

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A dentist in Flint Township, Linden, America has thrown a peculiar yet brilliant fundraiser for a local girl who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.

Phoebe Keech who is only two years old has the terrible affliction and her family and friends have been rallying support since the diagnosis.

This prompted Dr. Bobby Grossi, who has been involved in charity work in the past to come up with an open day idea. Essentially, patients will come on that day, receive half price treatment and then the proceeds will be given directly to Phoebe’s treatment fund.

Dr. Grossi last year offered free dental work for people who had no insurance and this year has not thought twice about his charitable spirit.

He said, ‘I know that one of my local community people are in need so they are closer to me they live in my area and my wife and I thought why not? So that’s what we are doing.’

It is hoped that others will be spurred on to do the same for Phoebe.

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