Dental tourism soars in popularity, as Brits look to save money on treatment

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Dental tourism is becoming more popular year on year, as a growing number of Brits looks to save money on the cost of dental care.
Figures suggest that countries like Lithuania are emerging as dental tourism hot spots, with well-established nations, including Hungary and Poland, continuing to attract patients in their droves.
For most people, travelling is a means of saving money on cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, but waiting times may also be a concern for some. In recent years, more and more NHS dental patients have experienced difficulties in getting an appointment at home, and this could be a driving factor in the popularity of dental tourism. Statistics show that over 4 million people were on NHS waiting lists for treatment at the end of 2018.
Going overseas can save patients a vast amount of money, and it can also open them up to treatments that simply aren’t affordable at home. In Lithuania, for example, the cost of a dental implant is around 750 euros (approximately £650). This is significantly lower than in the UK, where prices range from around £1,750 to £2,500.
Although dental tourism may be appealing to many UK patients, dental experts are keen to outline the potential risks. If you are thinking of visiting a clinic overseas, make sure you do your research first, choose a reputable dental centre with qualified, experienced dentists, and ensure you factor in the cost of accommodation and transport, as well as dental charges.

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