Dental lab blast injures twelve

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Twelve people were injured after an explosion at a dental laboratory in Codsall, Staffordshire.

There were twelve people inside the building on Bilbrook Road when the blast swept through the dental centre on Friday afternoon.

Staff at a nearby chemist helped most of those who were hurt at the scene but three women were taken to hospital; West Midlands Ambulance Service said that one of the women was taken to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham by the air ambulance. The woman, who is believed to be 43 years old, had stomach and hip injuries.

Police say that the blast was caused by a gas cylinder on the premises; the people inside the dental centre were all members of staff and there is no suspicion surrounding the incident. Police believe there may have been a leak from a gas cylinder, which caused the explosion.

The blast caused “significant damage” to the dental centre, according to West Midlands Ambulance Service. Parents at the nearby school were told about the incident via text message; one mother, Julie Howell, said that she was worried when she saw that the school gate was blocked off.

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