Dental hygienists offer lower dental bills

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Dental hygienists in Alberta are offering patients lower dental fees to help families who are struggling to afford dental care.

The law in Alberta changed in 2006; the change in the Alberta Health Professions Act enabled dental hygienists to open up their own businesses, which offer a range of basic treatments and services for a lower cost than traditional dental offices.

Tracey Cote, president of the Association of Private Practice Dental Hygienists of Alberta, said that dental hygienists offer an alternative for patients; private hygienists provide a range of services for patients, including cleaning treatments and dental X-rays. Some dental hygienists have set up their own offices, while others have started a mobile service, to provide care for people who struggle to travel to see a dentist. Many dental hygienists have also started visiting healthcare units, hospitals and care homes to provide dental services in the community.

Dental hygienists working in independent offices and mobile clinics offer the same services as traditional dental offices but there is one major difference, the price. The cost of dental hygiene services is generally much lower than the fees at a dental office. The savings on cost are very valuable for a large proportion of people, especially those who do have dental insurance policies to cover the cost of treatment. Dental hygiene is very important because it helps to reduce the risk of serious oral health conditions, which can be very painful, as well as being expensive to treat.


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March 11th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Leslie Iverson Says :

What a nice thing to do and facilitate dental care to those in need of oral hygiene!