Dental Firm Helping Those in Need in Africa

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A leading UK dental firm has arranged for a dentist to fly to Africa to help people in need.

Genix Healthcare, which runs numerous dental practices across the UK, has flown a dentist to Durban in South Africa to assess the standards of oral health among children at two schools and an orphanage in the city.

The trip is designed to provide information about the state of oral health among children in the area and access to dental care, which will be used to establish a long-term dental health programme supported by the firm.

Oral health is a concern in many African countries, with the ratio of dentists to patients often extremely high, with patients forced to wait for several months for treatment and have to travel very long distances to see a dentist. Regular dental appointments are rare and many are unaware of the importance of oral hygiene and it is common for adults and children not to have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Genix Healthcare will use the information obtained by the visiting dentist to identify needs and find the best ways of helping people in Africa to enjoy better standards of oral health.


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