Dental Aid Network makes a difference in Kashmir

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A charity is making a difference to hundreds of people who don’t have access to dental care in Kashmir. The Dental Aid Network (DAN) organises regular trips to Kashmir to provide dental treatment for children.

Recently, a group of six dentists from Oldham, Glasgow and Liverpool visited Kashmir for six days. During their visit, Drs Khurrum Shafiq, Amer Mobarik, Imran Shafiq, Zohaib Khan, Imran Ashgar and Abdulwahab Aslam-Pervez, treated orphans cared for by the Orphans Relief Trust and children from the Zobia School of Special Needs, the Akaab School for the Blind and the Kashmir Institution of Special Education.

The team is entirely self-funded, and every year, the charity pays for a trained dental engineer to visit the region to get three dental surgeries up and running before the dentists arrive. The first day is always spent sterilising equipment and ensuring that treatment rooms are spick and span in preparation for the patients.

As well as visiting schools the charity has been working with for a while, the team also set up a camp in the remote community of Bhimber this year. Here, they treated both children and adults.

Team DAN has been working to improve standards of oral health among children in Kashmir for some time, and the dentists were pleased to see that dental issues were rare among the children who had previously received treatment from the charity.

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