Darlington dentists remix the 12 Days of Christmas carol to spread Christmas cheer to patients

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A dental team has used its creative and musical talents to create a new, dental-themed version of the popular carol, the 12 Days of Christmas. Staff at Middleton St George Dental Care are hoping to spread festive cheer among patients and encourage them to look after their teeth over the holidays. 

Having rewritten the lyrics to include lines such as ‘a toothbrush made from a tree’ and ‘six patients waiting’ the team set about recording a video, which has become something of an Internet sensation. Different members of the team took individual sections of the song, and the video was then edited and shared on social media. 

Dental nurse, Katie Miller, said that everyone got behind the idea as a fun means of wishing patients a Merry Christmas and having fun as a team in the run-up to the festive break. After rewriting the lyrics with a dental theme, staff decorated the surgery and dressed up in festive outfits before shooting the clip. 

The video was shared on the practice’s Facebook page and has more than 1,500 likes and hundreds of shares. Many patients have come in for appointments and commented on the song, saying that they found the video funny and wanted to share it with their friends and relatives and the numbers of likes is growing by the day. 

The team said that it was nice for patients to see a different side to the practice and for everyone to get involved in festive fun and spread smiles.

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