Dad is saved by daughter’s homework

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A father of five said that his life was saved by helping his daughter with her biology homework. Jonathan Jenkyn, 45, was helping his daughter, Alice, with her GCSE biology revision when he discovered a lump in his neck.

Jonathan and Alice had been looking at text books and learning about the glands in the neck when he came across a lump the size of a grape. After visiting his GP and undergoing further tests in hospital, Jonathan was diagnosed with throat cancer. Thankfully, Jonathan had found the lump early, and last year, following intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he was given the all-clear. Doctors said that he could have lost his life if he hadn’t spotted the swelling when he did. 

Speaking about his experiences, Jonathan said that it was pot luck that he and Alice decided to tackle the lymphatic system, and that doing revision with his daughter led him to find a lump, which could have cost him his life if he hadn’t noticed it that day. Jonathan said that he often likes to help out with his childrens’ homework, and on this occasion, his intervention saved his life. Alice struggles with science, and her father helps out on a regular basis. When discussing the lymphatic system and the glands in the neck, Jonathan said that he felt a lump he hadn’t noticed before that was a similar size to a grape. 

Having been diagnosed with metastatic oropharyngeal carcinoma, Jonathan underwent several months of intensive treatment and he is now fit and well. Alice also passed her science exam.

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