Cumbria Dental Patients Invited To Share Their Views To Improve Local NHS Services

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Dental patients in Cumbria are being invited to share their views on NHS dentistry in a bid to improve services in the area.

NHS England is encouraging patients in the region to provide feedback and opinions about NHS dentistry in Cumbria. The information collected will be used to shape measures and policy in the future and identify areas of concern and methods of improving access to NHS care.

Figures show that there have been major improvements in dental health across England over the last forty years; however, there are still significant regional variations and access to dental care remains an issue in Cumbria.

NHS England in Cumbria is also asking dentists based in the county to provide feedback. Chair of the Chair Local Dental Network, Julie King, said that local people have an important role to play in this campaign and this is a great chance for them to share their views and have their opinions heard.

The Cumbria Local Dental Network is working with patients to gather information about issues affecting access in the area and also with dentists to ascertain if there are obstacles, which they feel are preventing them from delivering the care they want to in the local area, such as financial pressures and expenses, restricted opening hours or time constraints, for example.

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