County Offaly woman warns against dental tourism after ending up with ‘shark teeth’

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A woman from County Offaly, Ireland, has warned others to think twice about having dental treatment overseas after ending up with ‘shark teeth.’

Majella Hehir, from Birr, travelled to Kusadasi in Turkey in 2020 to undergo cosmetic treatment to create her dream smile. Initially, she was absolutely thrilled with her new teeth but when she returned home, it wasn’t long before she started to experience problems.

Majella paid around £2,400 for a set of new crowns but less than 18 months after undergoing treatment in Turkey, her crowns started to come loose and then fell out. Within 15 months of her trip, four of the crowns had come out.

As the treatment was under warranty, the clinic in Kusadasi offered to repair the damaged teeth but when she arrived in Turkey, they quoted her 5,000 euros to have the crowns removed and replaced with implants. Instead of opting to pay for implants, Majella had dentures fitted, which she then couldn’t remove. She said that the entire process was a waste of time and if she had known that she would end up with dentures, she would have stayed at home and had treatment in Ireland.

Majella, like many patients who have experienced problems after going overseas for treatment, said that dentists at home will not treat her because she had botched treatment in Turkey. If she wants to undergo remedial treatment, she will need to pay to see a private dentist, which could cost thousands.

Majella decided to share her story to raise awareness of the risks of dental tourism and encourage anyone who is considering going abroad for treatment to research thoroughly and make sure they know what is in store.

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