Cotswold Dentist Branches Out And Creates New Jobs

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A dentist in the Cotswolds is branching out and creating six new jobs.

Cirencester Dental Practice principle, Dr Ross Cutts has opened up a second practice in Sheep St, Stow this June.  His expertise is in the field of cosmetic dentistry and implantology and he has 12 years experience as a dentist.

The new practice has taken three dentists with previous part-time experience along with receptionists and nurses. He will also manage his time between both practices as he plans to work at the new practice for one day a week.

The Practice in Stow is said to offer both general dental treatments and complicated reconstructive aesthetic treatments. Veneers, crowns, implants, bridges, whitening and botox will all be available to patients.

Dr Cutts sees Stow as a pleasant market town, and as the ideal place to expand his practices catchment area for dental implant referrals.



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