Cornwall dental practice becomes the first to support new sustainable bamboo brush scheme

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A dental practice in St Austell, Cornwall, has become the first to support a sustainable bamboo toothbrush scheme.

Simon Fox, principal dentist at Fox’s Dental Care, explained that he took the decision to sign up to the new initiative run by Refuse & ReUse because he’s passionate about the environment. Refuse & ReUse, a South West company, has developed a range of bamboo brushes, which can be personalised with the name of the practice and used instead of plastic brushes. Plastic toothbrushes are notoriously difficult to recycle. Bamboo alternatives are not only easier to recycle, but they’re also made from sustainable Mobo Bamboo.

Practices that subscribe to the Refuse & ReUse scheme receive a bundle of bamboo brushes labelled with the practice name on the handle, and there are options for left and right-handed patients. Prices start from 83 pence per unit plus VAT.

Mr Fox said that he and his staff team are eager to do their bit for the planet, and the Refuse & ReUse initiative offers an effective way to reduce plastic consumption at the same time as encouraging patients to brush frequently. Each patient has been given a free bamboo brush at their check-up and the response has been really positive so far.

Refuse & ReUse is hoping to expand in the near future, with more and more practices in the region expressing an interest in the eco-friendly brushes.

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