Cornwall Council to discuss NHS dental access issues, as 48,000 people wait for a place

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Cornwall Council has put NHS dental access issues firmly on the agenda, as 48,000 people wait for a place to become available.

At a meeting on Tuesday 16th April, councillors discussed the problem of finding an NHS dentist in the county. A shortage of dentists is one of two motions that were put on the bill for the full council meeting, which took place at County Hall. The other issue up for debate is the introduction of recycling bins on Cornish beaches.

Truro’s independent councillor, Loic Rich, brought the issue of dental waiting lists to the table and he is hoping to gather support for immediate action. Almost 50,000 people are waiting to see an NHS dentist in Cornwall and some patients are being faced with 60-mile trips for treatment. NHS dentistry is supposed to be available to all, but a shortage of dentists means that practices are unable to offer places to new patients. The situation has been getting steadily worse for months, and Cllr Rich is eager for measures to be employed as quickly as possible to prevent more people slipping through the gaps.

Routine appointments can reduce the risk of dental disease significantly, but at the moment, thousands of Cornwall’s residents cannot see a dentist.

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