Cornwall-based dental firm launches new national campaign to tackle childhood decay

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A dental firm based in Cornwall is preparing to launch a new national campaign to tackle alarming rates of childhood decay.

Smile Together is launching the Brighter Smiles programme in Cornwall with a view to rolling out the initiative on a national scale. The aim of the campaign is to encourage dentists and local schools to work together to improve standards of oral health among children across the country.

A recent study suggested that children in the UK literally consume their body weight in sweet treats every year, and most children consume far more than the daily intake recommended by the World Health Organisation.

The latest statistics show that almost 180,000 teeth are extracted every year as a result of childhood decay, and excessive sugar consumption is often to blame. Children are eating sweets, chocolate bars and biscuits on a regular basis, and even healthier items like fruit juice, smoothies and cereal bars can often contain a lot of added sugar. Fizzy drinks are also a problem, with many children consuming at least one can of pop per day.

To kick-start the campaign, Smile Together will be working with 30 schools in Cornwall in partnership with Cornwall Council. Local dentists are getting involved, and it’s hoped that efforts to raise awareness of preventative measures will help to reduce rates of decay and health spending in the area. Clinical director, Chris Roberts, said that parents, teachers and children often respond really well to oral health initiatives, but more needs to be done to connect schools with dentists, and encourage children and parents to make healthier lifestyle choices.



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