Community Dental Services Takes Over Specialist Dental Services in Leicestershire

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Community Dental Services has taken over the provision of dental care, education and oral health promotion for children and vulnerable adults in Leicestershire.

The body will now take charge of training and education initiatives and tooth cleaning schemes as well as support for children, vulnerable adults and those with special needs in the county. People who need additional information about services, help with arranging dental appointments or guidance related to preventative oral care will now be able to contact Community Dental Services.

Chief executive of CDS, Alison Reid, said that the organisation has an excellent track record for supporting government authorities, including Leicestershire County Council, and providing quality services to benefit those in need of information, advice, guidance or support. Everyone at CDS is excited about the prospect of working with the council and dental professionals in the area.

CDS will provide support and information related to national and local training programmes, preventative dental care schemes and oral health campaigns and they will also provide resources to help people learn about the importance of good oral health and how to implement measures to improve their dental health at home.

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