Colgate shares oral hygiene tips to help patients avoid dental dramas during lockdown

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Colgate has shared oral hygiene tips to help dental patients avoid problems while practices are running reduced services.

Although dental issues, for example, gum disease and decay, are relatively common, they are almost always preventable. Adopting a good daily oral hygiene regime is the best way to reduce the risk of oral health problems and protect the teeth and gums.

In line with advice from the FDI World Dental Federation, oral health experts recommend a daily routine, which comprises twice-daily brushing and interdental cleaning, combined with healthy lifestyle choices and regular dental visits. 

When cleaning the teeth, experts advise patients to use an electric toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Setting a timer for 2 minutes can help to ensure a thorough job and reaching right into the corners is crucial. When brushing, patients are advised to be gentle to protect the enamel. Cleaning the tongue is also an effective way to lower the risk of bad breath. Interdental cleaning, using floss or hand-held interdental brushes, targets the parts of the mouth that cannot be reached with a conventional brush, such as the gum line and the cracks between the teeth.

As well as offering brushing advice, Colgate experts are also keen to highlight the importance of positive lifestyle choices. Diet is particularly influential, especially as studies suggest that people have been snacking more during the lockdown. Grazing throughout the day is problematic for oral health because when you eat, the bacteria in your mouth release acids that weaken the enamel surface. Instead of snacking, dentists recommend sticking to larger main meals. It’s also beneficial to avoid brushing the teeth for at least 45 minutes after eating to protect the enamel. Keeping an eye on sugar consumption is also vital for optimum dental health.

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