Colchester practice confirms shake-up of dental services

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A Colchester dental practice is shaking up dental services in the wake of the pandemic.

Patients at North Hill Dental in Layer Road have received a letter from the practice outlining proposed changes to NHS and private dental provision.

In the aftermath of the pandemic and additional restrictions placed on practices during lockdowns, the owners have decided to prioritise private care alongside NHS treatment for children, pregnant women and those who are able to access NHS dentistry without paying. Emergency NHS dental treatment will also be available.

The letter indicated that the Covid-19 crisis had prompted a rethink, which would mean that NHS provision at the practice would be focused on urgent care and treatment for those eligible for free NHS services.

The letter states that the team wants to concentrate on “prevention and oral health promotion for children and under 18s so their future dental health is protected.”

The change will mean that NHS care at the practice is restricted to children, pregnant women and women who have given birth in the last 12 months and those exempt from paying NHS dental fees. The Layer Road clinic will also continue to operate as an urgent dental facility, providing emergency appointments for those in need.

The practice will be introducing affordable payment plans to make private treatment more accessible for residents. The plan is designed to help more people afford to see a private dentist. The cost of a check-up will be £25, which is only slightly more than the current NHS charge of £23.80.

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