Coatbridge dental duo helps to ease anxiety with new painless injections

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A dental duo from Coatbridge is helping to ease anxiety thanks to the introduction of new painless injections.

Keith and Gillian Preston, from Coatbridge Family Dental Care, are offering patients the chance to enjoy painless injections thanks to the arrival of the innovative Calaject system. Many patients feel anxious about going to the dentist because they have a phobia of needles as a result of painful experiences in the past. The Calaject system is a controlled means of administering anaesthesia, which eliminates the risk of discomfort caused by the fluid flowing too quickly. Delivery of anaesthetic is controlled by a computer, which ensures a steady flow.

Dentist Keith explained that most people fear needles because they’ve had bad experiences, usually during childhood. The Calaject system is able to control the flow of anaesthetic, which makes the process much more bearable for anxious patients. As dentists, Keith explains, it’s hugely beneficial to be able to offer services, which help to reduce anxiety. The last thing dentists want is for patients to be avoiding the clinic due to fears and phobias, and it’s really important that dentists strive to make the experience in the dental chair as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

Keith was initially fairly sceptical about using computerised systems, but he decided to do more research into the Calaject system and was persuaded by wife, Gillian, to give it a go. Keith is now confident that the system has positive benefits for both patients and dentists.

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