Chicago mother involved in pay dispute with dentist

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A mother from Chicago has been told that she must pay for outstanding treatments before a dentist will remove her son’s braces.

Esperanza Perez has three teenage children, all of whom have been treated for orthodontic problems. Both of her daughters had their braces taken off last year; however, when Ms Perez took her son to have his braces removed, the dentist refused to take them off due to outstanding bills. Frances Cavero, from Windy City Smiles, Avondale, said that Ms Perez owed the practice $300 for a pre-paid filling and numerous missed visits; without the payment, Cavero said she would not remove Cesar Perez’s braces.

Ms Perez said that she had paid her dental bills in full and had given a total of more than $12,000. She claimed that her son should not have been fined for missed appointments and refused to pay an additional $300. After the dentist declined to discuss the matter with her, she allegedly became aggressive and angry and tried to throw a clipboard at the receptionist’s head, according to a complaint filed by the surgery.

Perez tried to get in touch with Cavero numerous times but she allegedly refused to contact her; in desperation, Perez tried to arrange for another dentist to remove her son’s braces but this was no easy task. She contacted two orthodontists in the area but neither would remove the braces because they did not want to take on or assume responsibility for another dentist’s work.

Now, six months later, Cesar has finally had his braces removed; Perez sought help from a local business advisor, who managed to contact Cavero. The dentist said she had no record of missing calls from Perez and said there was no problem with Cesar having his braces removed.

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