Chester couple say travelling to Turkey for veneers has ruined their lives

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A couple from Chester say that travelling to Turkey for cosmetic dental treatment has ruined their lives.

Jade and Kelly Tushingham went to Antalya in September 2022. Their plan was to enjoy a beach holiday and enhance their smiles with new veneers. On the second day of their trip, the couple visited a private clinic to undergo the first stage of treatment, which involved shaving the teeth down. This procedure left them both in severe pain and they had to wait for five hours in the reception area before having their temporary veneers fitted.

The temporary veneers were uncomfortable and they didn’t fit, which meant that Jade and Kelly were unable to eat properly. They also felt very self-conscious because the teeth were very large and bright, resembling ‘horse teeth.’ After five days, the pair returned to the clinic to have their permanent veneers fitted but they described the procedure as a “blood bath.”

Since having treatment, the couple has experienced pain on a continual basis and although the veneers look nice, they regret the decision every day. Jade explained that both of them had perfectly fine teeth before and said that they had wasted a lot of money on the veneers. They recall feeling anxious about having treatment as soon as they arrived at the clinic, as everything seemed unprofessional and wish they had never decided to go ahead with the procedure.

Four months after travelling to Turkey, Jade and Kelly are still struggling with pain and there are lots of foods they can’t eat because of the discomfort. They have tried to get help at home but no dentists in the UK are willing to go near them because of the quality of the dental work. Remedial treatment in the UK is likely to cost thousands of pounds.

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