Chase de Vere launch dental advice service

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Chase de Vere has launched a dental financial advice service for dentists with Denplan.

As it stands, Denplan has over 6,500 members who receive specialist financial advice, with a particular emphasis on NHS pensions.

The new website will have a variety of information for dentists, from payment plan set ups to private pension schemes. 

Chase de Vere has already got experience in advising healthcare professionals thanks to their partnership with the British Medical Association (BMA), so it’s considered to be the next step for them to branch out into the dentistry industry.

Chief Executive, Stephen Kavanagh, said: “It is a natural progression for us to launch Chase de Vere Dental, and through our partnership with Denplan, we will be able to offer our services to a larger number of dentists and become recognised as the ‘go to’ experts in giving financial advice to members of their profession.”

Denplan have said that they realise NHS pensions are a real concern for dentists when thinking about moving to a fully private practice. This service will help to alleviate some of the stress, giving dentists access to excellent independent financial advice.

For more information or to view the Chase de Vere website, visit here.

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