Bury St Edmunds dental practice opens second clinic due to rising demand

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A dental practice in Bury St Edmunds has opened a second clinic due to rising demand for appointments.

Guildhall Dental, a private practice based in St Andrews South, has opened a new surgery in Woolhall Street. The first appointments are available from Monday July 31st.
The new practice will offer a wide range of services, including general dentistry and specialist hygiene, orthodontic and prosthodontic treatments.

Practice manager, Faith Phillips, said that the demand for dental appointments is high, with many people in the area looking for a new dentist. There is a shortage of NHS places in Suffolk, which is driving the demand for private dentistry. Although she sympathises with patients who can’t find an NHS dentist, Ms Phillips said that there are private providers ready and waiting to take on patients and offer affordable services.

Guildhall Dental will not provide NHS services, as the practices don’t have an NHS contract but the team is offering payment plans to make private dental care more affordable. Anyone who wishes to register as a patient or find out more about the patient plans or fees and services is encouraged to contact either of the clinics directly.

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