British Dental Foundation Reveals Plans for Name Change

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The British Dental Health Foundation will be known as the Oral Health Foundation from the 4th of April, it has been confirmed.

Janet Goodwin, president of the organisation, believes that the name change reflects the BDHF’s desire to reach out to communities all over the world and promote positive dental health and lifestyle choices. Since the charity was established, it has grown and evolved and the new name is more suited to its aims and achievements.

The charity’s re-brand is a sign of what has been accomplished in the last 45 years, but also an indicator of what it hopes to achieve in the next 40 years. The aim is to improve standards of oral health around the world and to communicate and connect with dental health professionals and dental patients in many different countries.

The move has been welcomed by England’s chief dental officer Sarah Hurley, as it coincides with her vision for dental treatment and care, which spans all social and economic landscapes.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, chief executive of the foundation, suggested that now is a good time to expand, having focused on oral health in Britain for several decades. Website content will be available in nine different languages, which will enable more than 40 percent of the global population to access resources and information. Dr Carter also stressed that the charity will continue to run important campaigns such as Mouth Cancer Action Month, with an international focus as well as committing to national oral health issues.

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