British Dental Couple Settling Into Life Down Under

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A British couple are settling into life down under after making the decision to move the other side of the world; dentists Ben and Ruth Mansell decided to relocate to travel, see the world and get some sun.

Ben had travelled to Australia when he was younger and had always been desperate to go back, but Ruth was never really keen on the idea of upping sticks, until a dinner with friends inspired them to take the plunge. Ruth said that a trip to Africa made her realise that she wanted to see more of the world while she was young and when their friends proposed the idea of moving to Australia, she decided that the couple should go for it.

Ben and Ruth initially moved to Australia with a view to travelling for a bit before settling into work; the couple met when they were studying dentistry and when two jobs at the same dental practice came up, they decided to cut their travelling plans short and start work.

Both dentists have really enjoyed work so far and they are pleased they decided to be brave and make the move. Ruth was worried that she would miss home but thanks to Skype, she manages to keep in touch and the pair have embraced their new Aussie lifestyle and are half way through a surfing course.

Ben and Ruth work at Fresh Dental Clinic in Urunga.


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