Bristol dentists warns against cheap whitening treatments

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A Bristol dentist has urged patients to avoid outlets offering discount tooth whitening treatments.

Simon Dunn, a dentist from Redland, said that the number of outlets offering cheap whitening treatments has increased significantly in recent years but there are risks associated with visiting a practitioner who is not qualified and does not have formal training in dentistry. Tooth whitening is classed as a dental procedure and dentists believe that it is dangerous for people without dental qualifications to offer whitening services.

Simon Dunn said that offering dental treatments without formal training and registration was against the Dental Act and called for patients to be wary of glossy adverts offering whitening services; patients are now being enticed by beauty salons and hairdressers. According to Dunn, whitening can b very dangerous if not done properly; the practitioners offering the services do not check the individual’s teeth or take note of their dental history and this can result in damage to the teeth and pain after the treatment. There is also a risk that higher levels of carbamide peroxide are being used in salons and this can damage the teeth; Dunn said that he has also heard of a chemical called chlorine dioxide being used; this substance can cause irreversible damage to the teeth.

Many people want whiter teeth but the message from dentists is clear: make sure you go to a qualified dentist for treatment and resist the lure of discount prices, as this could potentially be harmful for oral health.

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