Bristol dentist undertakes facial aesthetic training following botched filler treatment

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A dentist from Bristol decided to undertake training in facial aesthetics after being left with painful, lumpy, blue lips following botched filler treatment.

Sarah Najjar, spent £300 on fillers after celebrating her 30th birthday. She wanted to enhance her lips, but instead, ended up with painful, hard, blue lumps in her lips. After paying for the initial procedure, Sarah then ended up paying a further £700 to have the filler dissolved.

Sarah’s experience prompted her to undertake training in facial aesthetics so that she could provide patients looking for a fuller pout with safe, effective treatment. Speaking about the treatment, Sarah said that her lips started to swell after the procedure, which she assumed was a normal side-effect. However, after a week, the lips were still inflamed and they had become incredibly hard, with noticeable blue lumps in them. Sarah became self-conscious when she was talking to people and she decided she needed to take action and have the filler removed.

Having been through the pain and distress of botched treatment herself, dentist Sarah decided to pursue training in Harley Street that would enable her to provide filler treatment and corrective procedures. Since starting to offer the service at The Dental Surgery in Clifton, Bristol, Sarah has seen a considerable number of people who have experienced a similar fate and she has urged people who are considering treatment to spend a little more to ensure they see a qualified, experienced practitioner.

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