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A man underwent dental treatment in order to attain his girlfriend’s hand in marriage after her father, who happened to be a dental practitioner, said he would not allow the marriage otherwise.

Gordon Taylor, aged 32, had to have several fillings and cosmetic treatment in order to fulfil the requirements of his fiancés father. 

Mr Taylor said: “I didn’t mean to neglect my teeth.  I guess it was just the lifestyle I was leading. When I met Sarah, I guess her family noticed them more than most because her father is a dentist.”

When the big day arrived, Mr Taylor’s smile transformation was not entirely complete, and he was made to wear a ‘snap-on smile’ removable cosmetic denture for the wedding in the Isle of Wight.

Dr Lewis, Sarah’s father, said he was shocked when he saw the state of the groom’s teeth. “The thought of my daughter walking down the aisle to Gordon with his teeth the way they were was not a good one.”

“Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and if there’s a day in your life you want your smile to look its best, it’s your wedding day.” 

Sarah, Gordon’s wife, was also pleased with the results. “I’m thrilled Gordon’s been undergoing this dental work.”

“I will always love him regardless but I know the finished look will certainly please him as well as our family and friends.”

However, the dental work required to transform Mr Taylor’s look is not quite over yet, as he is to undergo additional teeth whitening treatment and teeth straightening.

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