Bollywood smiles ‘achievable through surgery’

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The bright and clear smiles of the Indian film industry are often not natural but a result of cosmetic dentistry, according to reports.

The Times of India claims that many top Bollywood actors and actresses have undergone treatment in order to achieve bright white teeth.

Celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr Sandesh Mayekar puts smiles into three categories, he told the newspaper, naming them designer, perfect and attractive.

He explained that designer smiles are ones which are most suited to the face, perfect smiles are cosmetically enhanced, and attractive are not flawless but still appealing.

According to the newspaper, a perfect smile must be "clear, open, warm and unambiguous". It also explained that the shade of teeth should match the whiteness of a person’s eye.

One in two UK adults aged between 36 and 45 would consider cosmetic dental surgery to enhance their appearance, revealed the National Dental Survey by the British Dental Health Foundation and Denplan.ADNFCR-1374-ID-18378987-ADNFCR

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