Birmingham dentist warns patients NHS cannot fix botched results of dental tourism

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A dentist based in Birmingham has warned patients that the NHS cannot fix the results of botched treatment carried out at clinics overseas.

In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of people travelling to countries like Turkey to have cosmetic dental treatment. Dentists across the UK have experienced a rise in cases involving patients who require remedial work following treatment administered by dentists in other countries.

Vijay Sudra, from Shard End Dental Practice, Birmingham, said that NHS dentists cannot step in to help patients and provide treatment when dental tourism goes wrong. Mr Sudra warned patients to think very carefully about travelling abroad because the NHS doesn’t have the resources to treat patients who have received substandard care.

Mr Sudra described dental tourism as ‘dangerous’ and said that patients should be aware of the risks involved with travelling for treatment.

Dentists across the country have reported an increase in the number of patients seeking advice after undergoing dental work overseas, including some people who need over £20,000 worth of remedial treatment.

The most common issues that affect dental tourists include oral infections, tooth loss, severe pain, implant failure and poor quality treatment. There have also been many examples of patients who have visited a dentist in the UK to get help after realising that they had been told mistruths about the treatment they were having abroad. This is common with crowns when patients have been told that the dentist would fit several new individual crowns and the dentist has in fact fitted a single restoration covering multiple teeth.

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