BDA Representatives Attend Union Strike Meeting

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Representatives from the British Dental Association yesterday attended a meeting to discuss strike action across the NHS.

Unions are planning strike action in anticipation of the break down of talks with the government, with tensions rising as a result of discrepancies on the subject of public sector pensions.

Unison hosted a meeting yesterday to discuss possible strike action if negotiations fail and it is expected that industrial action will be taken before Christmas. Measures are already being discussed to work out how the strikes can go ahead without endangering public safety.

One official from Unison, which represents 460,000 NHS workers, said that it was “almost inevitable” that negotiations would fail, as ministers had refused to change their stance on key issues, including the age of retirement and an increase in member contributions.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing.

A spokeswoman from the NHS said that the NHS pension would remain one of the best pension packages in the UK, despite the planned changes and confirmed that reforms would protect the lowest paid workers.




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