BAPD urges the government to revise PPE and fallow time requirements for dentists

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The British Association of Private Dentists is urging the government to revise guidelines related to PPE and fallow time between patients. 

In an open letter to Public Health England, dentists encouraged public health officials and ministers to consider altering the current regulations. The BAPD claims that the fallow period, which is set at an hour between patients, and PPE requirements are putting the profession at risk. In countries of a similar size and population density to England, the dentists claim, there is no fallow period. Dentists from the body are keen to either reduce or eradicate the gap, which doesn’t exist in Belgium, Spain or Ireland, to enable practitioners to see more patients.

The letter suggests that current policies and regulations are taking their toll on the mental health of dental professionals, with many anxious about financial pressures and most eager to treat as many patients as possible. Prolonged closures have put a huge dent in practice incomes, and limiting patient numbers will contribute to further losses. In addition, expenses have increased due to the soaring cost of PPE. Dentists are facing higher running costs at a time when their income has been reduced significantly. Restricting access is also likely to add to a backlog, which is already substantial after over three months of patients being unable to visit their local dentist. 

The BAPD is urging PHE and government ministers to consider scrapping the 60-minute fallow period and revising PPE guidelines linked to wearing gowns and FFP2 masks. 

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