Arkansas Mission of Mercy clinic attracts more than 2,200 patients

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A free dental clinic in Arkansas provided treatment for more than 2,200 people, it has been confirmed.

Representatives from Arkansas Mission of Mercy visited Region 8 with a team of hundreds of volunteers looking to provide free dental treatment to people in need. The clinics, which operate all over the country, are designed to benefit those who cannot afford dental care and those without insurance.

People started to arrive the day before the clinic opened, braving torrential downpours and chilly temperatures to make sure they got an appointment. Over the course of a couple of days, 850 volunteers worked together to treat as many people as possible, handing out more than $1.2 million worth of dental care.

Professionals working at the event offered a range of treatments, including fillings, extractions and cleaning treatments. Dr Terry Fiddler was one of those who volunteered their services, and he praised the efforts the team and the ethos behind the charity. Nobody needs to provide ID or a green card, and the clinics are genuinely there to help people who don’t have the money to see a dentist. Many haven’t seen a dentist in years and are putting up with significant dental pain as well as low confidence.

Plans are already underway to ensure that 2018’s event is even bigger and better. The event will take place in Conway.

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