Angry patients demand answers as Winchester dental practice cancels appointments with no explanation

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Angry patients are demanding answers from the owners of a dental practice in Winchester. A group of patients recently turned up outside Finest Dental’s Southgate Street clinic to seek information following appointment cancellations and treatment delays.

Amie Hoyle is currently in the process of undergoing treatment at the practice, but has struggled to get appointments in the past few months. The sessions she has managed to arrange have been cancelled, and she is now in the dark as to what will happen in the future. Having already paid for treatment, Amie, who is 35, is understandably anxious and angry about the situation. After having appointments cancelled before Christmas, Amie was told she would be kept in the loop, but she hasn’t heard anything since.

Another patient, Laura Nechita, is in a similar situation, and she is currently battling ongoing pain caused by a section of her teeth falling out. Ms Nechita had seven dental implants fitted in addition to a sinus lift and bone graft and she paid over £8,000 for her treatment. Ms Nechita originally started treatment in 2017, but in 2018, she was told that her implants hadn’t been made properly. Now, having experienced ongoing bouts of pain, infections and a problem with her gums, Ms Nechita has reached the end of her tether, and she accused the practice of “feeding” her stories.

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