ADA Confirms There Is No Evidence To Bottled Water Decay Claims

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A spokesman for the American Dental Association has confirmed that there is no evidence to support claims in the media that bottled water is linked to tooth decay.

Dr Johnathan Shenkin said that there was no research to suggest that drinking bottled water causes tooth decay, despite claims in the media that rates of decay have risen as a result of people drinking water out of bottles, rather than the tap.

Dr Shenkin’s statement was supported by Dr Burton Edelstein, president of the Children’s Dental Health Project, which is based in DC and Columbia University. Dr Edelstein said that a deficiency of fluoride is not the problem; he claims that there is no child in the USA that lacks fluoride, but said that excessive fluoride can increase the risk of cavities.

To prevent fluorosis, the Environmental Protection Agency limits the amount of fluoride in communal water supplies; however, it is possible that some people exceed the recommend intake due to using fluoride toothpaste in addition to drinking fluoridated water, eating certain foods and drinking soft drinks for example.

The media message about bottled water is not supported by the ADA and drinking water of any kind is preferable to drinking fizzy pop or sugar-laden soft drinks.


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