Aberdeenshire council gives dental practice expansion plans the green light

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Planning officers at Aberdeenshire Council have given plans to expand a dental practice the green light.

The owners of Inverurie Dental Practice on High Street submitted proposals to extend into the neighbouring building. The unit next to the practice had been vacant since November, and the owners felt it would be the perfect opportunity to expand the business and offer patients more services.

The practice will now move into the unit formerly occupied by DFS Sports after receiving the go-ahead from the council. Patients will still access the clinic through the existing entrance and the door to the neighbouring unit will be closed off. Parking is available at the rear of the building, and the acquisition of the new unit will create more spaces for staff and patients.

The expansion plans will not alter the external aesthetic of the building, and any changes that are made, for example, to the windows, will be in keeping with the existing practice. There are no plans to make any changes to the provision and supply of utilities or parking. 

The extension project will enable Inverurie Dental Practice to provide additional services for existing and new patients.

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