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    Hi, I'm really looking for some advice. I had root canal on my front tooth, not all the root could be removed and my dentist showed me this on xray. The tooth was discoloured and I had porcelain veneers on both front teeth which I was really pleased with. Now two years later my tooth is dark again and the dentist tells me that it is the dead root which he couldnt remove reflecting through. The dentist suggests lava crowns, my concern is if I opt for the lava crowns could the same thing happen again in a couple of years and the tooth will look dark again.

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    I would recommend you ask the question to your dentist , as he/she would know the history of the tooth aswell as the health of it.

    It sounds reasonable that a lava crown would be indicated in this situation. It is very unlikely for the discolourisation to show through the crown, but it is best to ask your dentist.
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