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    Default Bad teeth ruining my life

    I'm a 26 year old male who's life is being ruined by having bad teeth. To say that it's causing me problems would be a huge understatement. It's pretty much turned me into a recluse. I've never had a proper girlfriend because i don't really go out anywhere in social sitatuons, or i will avoid talking to people if i can.

    The thing is although im no Brad Pitt, i am reasonably attractive otherwise, and it's fair to say that my teeth are holding me back in a huge way.

    I have a small jaw, which wonky teeth and a overbite. I wish i'd got this tended to when i was younger but i just didn't think about this kind of thing when i was younger.

    I was just wondering if anyone knows what my possible options for treatment would be here in the U.K? is it too late for me to achieve a nice smile? also what costs would i be looking at?

    any help would be so much appreciated as i've been depressed about if for far too long.

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    It is never to late to have a better smile. Unfortuantely it is impossible to say what the appropriate treatment is and what the cost would be without carrying out an examination of the mouth. My advice would be to seek a cosmetic dentist who would be able to give you appropriate options.

    Good luck!
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    Hello there,

    my story is very similar to yours, like you I consider myself attractive but I feel my smile has held me back and lets me down socially in terms of boyfriends/social life, i have a habit of not looking people in the eye and covering my mouth when I talk so as not to draw attention to my teeth, I am also a bit reclusive because of this, I lack a lot of confidence because of my them

    After o long wait, Ive recently had my first appointment with a private orthodontist, and one option he gave me was 'maxilla surgery' (he also said I have a small jaw) they basically break your jaw and re set it in order to better align with your upper jaw, but I felt this was unecessary and too too extreme and too painfull for me and so instead have opted to have upper and lower braces and an extraction,

    I've had to save up about 2500 for my treatment, I would suggest if you already have a dentist tell them to refer you for orthodontic treament and be prepared to save up or get a loan for the treatment as it will be expensive, or you could go to a cosmetic dentist/orthodontist without having to go through the nhs

    Hope this has helped you!

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