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    Talking I Pod?

    Hi Guys

    Like most people here, I was ridiculously nervous about going to the dentist for that first visit. I had been stupid with my teeth previously and needed a lot of work doing. I hadn't even had a bad experience like a lot of others, I just didn't like the idea of a stranger being THAT close to me doing God knows what. Anyway, I found a dream dentist who's doing all of the work for me, and he suggested that whilst he's doing the work, I listen to my ipod. It's working wonders! I can't hear the machinery, and I can either drift off listening to my favourite tunes, or listen to some really upbeat tunes where I can picture going to a party with perfect teeth : )

    Anyone else have solutions like this that don't involve sedation?


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    just read your post and it made me smile!.

    i have a massive fear of dentists but yours must be ace! i cant personaly see my dentist going for the ipod idea but if your with a private dentist it must be wroth a try. i might bring along my ipod for my next appointment just to suprise my dentist lol....

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