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    Default loads of work needing done,

    my mouth is in a bad way. there is no decay just loads of fillings and gaps in my mouth. i am needing implants if i can get them and possible bone grafts. i also would like my front teth crowned to change the appearance as i gotr the front one filled on the nhs and you can see where it has been filled even tho it is while. still better than having a hole in your tooth.

    i am just nervous to go to a private clinic with the mouth the way it is. i am i suppose embarrassed that i have let my mouth get like this and the dentist will prob think what the hell lol. they arent a miricle worker. as i have said i have been looking after my teeth since i have had them fixed but i do have a lot of fillings and also they are quite stained which i would love whitened and also gaps fixed.

    also i dont want to get credit to pay for my dental work, if you go a clinic do you have pay in advance or pay as you go? just i can affoard to pay 6/6000 per month to have my teeth in good order.

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    Catherine, I can understand you concerns. What I would say is that all private dentists have seen very bad teeth, the key is to do the work properly so that it gives you confidence and lasts a very long time!

    You would be surprised as to what modern, quality dentistry can do, it is a far cry from the NHS.

    Most quality dentists will be able to arrange a finance option for you that you would be happy with. The key is to first have a comprehensive consultation to see what needs to be done and take things from there

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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