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    Default Front crowns for cosmetic purposes

    My dentist has advised me to have my top front four teeth crowned, two of which are crowned already. My two front teeth have always crossed over and been unsightly but he wants to cut all four teeth down drastically to fit the four new crowns in. The existing crowns do need replacing soon and he says I may as well have all four done as they are past their best.

    However, I do not have any problems with these teeth, although I have had some problems with gum disease and I am concerned that although I would look better, I may be letting myself in for problems. I do feel reluctant to meddle with something that is basically ok but he says I would be mad not to have this work done!

    Please has anyone any advice.

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    If you want to improve the cosmetics of the upper teeth then of course consider the option. You may even want to get a second opinion from a cosmetic dentist to see if there any other alternatives.

    From what you have said, it sounds like you do not want this treatment. Therfeore if you do not want it ,do not have it.

    If it is being recommend to make you mouth healthier , than thats a different story.


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