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    Default inman aligner for very minor movement

    My friend has a q for the forum..
    Can the inman aligner move just one tooth if there is only one a little out of line. It is not noticeable to others but to her it is. Literally one of the middle front teeth sits slightly forward of the other by about 1mm, and she wants them to be perfectly straight.
    Can this be done? Or is there any kind of retainer that can be used to do this as it is so minor? Mr Khaira could you advise what would you charge on average for something like this?
    Thank u!!

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    This sounds like it can be done with either the Inman aligner or some form of clear aligner system. Fees would depend on exactly what needs to be done and which system is used and may range from 950 to 2500+ on average. Minor corrections normally come in under 2000 with some clear aligner systems.

    Any treating dentist would need to evaluate and a treatment estimate will be given at that point

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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